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2/22/2012 - Fundraising for Danny's Tie-back Surgery


Danny, an 8 year old Standardbred, needs your help to breath easier. We rescued Danny from certain death from a slaughterhouse auction where previous owners had left him severely malnourished, sunburned and traumatized. One year later Danny is now a calm, gentle horse who loves affection and lets children sit on him.  However, his breathing issue is something that all of the love and good care in the world couldn't fix. The vet says he needs a $5,000 tie-back operation to breathe properly. We love Danny and won’t give up on him; he tries so hard to please and it is hard to hear his wheezing, especially in winter when his breathing gets worse. We appreciate any help you can give. If you'd like to donate, please click here.


Below are before and after pictures of Danny.

Eve and Adam (2009?)

7/21/2011 - RIP Eve (Winter Eden) - 1997- 2011. 


LRC Farm lost its matriarch today.  A big, beautiful, gray Thoroughbed, Eve (Winter Eden) passed away today from complications of colic.


Eve had many roles in her life including that of a racehorse and show horse.  Her most important roles, however, were that of a surrogate mother to two nursemare foals and as a constant companion to an elderly, blind mare.  Eve's large size belied a caring and sweet soul.  Her disposition was such that when CANTER Ohio needed a horse to represent the Thoroughbred breed at Equine Affaire, Eve went and soaked up the attention and exemplified why Thoroughbreds are so beloved.


I last saw Eve on Sunday. She was contentedly standing in her stall out of the heat.  I joked with her that she was turning into a bay because every summer her roaning was becoming darker. I will miss you Eve. The barn will never be the same.


I hate colic.


Please keep good thoughts for Liz and Rick (Eve's mom & dad and the owners of LRC Farm) and everyone that loved Eve; it's not going to be easy.


7/17/2011 - LRC Farm would like to extend a huge thank you to Glen Hill Farm of Ocala, FL!  Because of their generosity we were able to get another Thoroughbred off the track and hopefully headed for a second career.  More pictures and updates coming soon.


This Is My Game - Waiting to load on the trailer for his trip from Thistledown to LRC Farm.  Isn't he gorgeous?

Making the trip with This Is My Game was Poachaway.  An equally handsome gelding, Poachaway needed to find a new home quickly.


6/21 - 6/22/2011 - Don't forget to check out barn favorite and all-around fancy horse, Olik, at the Geoff Teal Clinic to be held at Blackjack Farm in Plain City.  Pictures coming soon!


6/17 - 6/19/2011 - Rachael McConnell and Christy Baxter both had a great show at the Pro-Am Hunter Classic held at Far and Away Farm.  Congratulations to you both! 

Rachael's ride (Montecito), a 16.1hh paint, is for sale through

A beautiful smile from Christy after her OTTB "Rain" performs well yet again.

Rachael and Montecito ("Monte") nailing their jump.

This big guy (17.1+) loves to jump. (Christy & Rain)